Sisters of the Holy Family

Sisters of the Holy Family

 The Association of the Holy Family of Bordeaux was founded in Bordeaux in 1820 by Pierre Bienvenu Noaille.  The founder’s aim was to start an association which would spread and strengthen Catholic faith and care for the needs of the poor. Their first apostolic work was to care for deprived or homeless children. The Sisters work in many countries throughout the world- in Africa, Asia and Europe.

In 1889 the Sisters of The Holy Family came to Magherafelt at the invitation of Canon Donnelly, Parish Priest of Magherafelt at that time.  For many years the sisters worked in the Primary School and  the Grammar School. From the beginning visitation of families and hospitals was an intrinsic part of their apostolate. Throughout the years the Sisters did not limit themselves to Magherafelt parish. They work in the Dioceses of Derry and Down and Connor. Adult education, special needs, peace and reconciliation, scripture and prayer groups and parish work are part of their work today.

Many past pupils of the Grammar School and young girls from the surrounding area joined the Sisters of the Holy Family. They are now working in different parts of the world. They are involved in, for example, prison work, counselling, art therapy and retreat work. 

In recent years lay people were invited to join the Association as lay associates. The lay associates follow the spirituality of the Holy Family Association. New members are always welcome.

The Sisters have many eager young people in Third World countries that have joined the Association and continue to see the value of Religious life in the world today.

Visitors are always welcome at Holy Family Convent House in Wesleyan Mews, Magherafelt.

 Phone: (028) 7963 2529