Magherafelt Parish Finance Committee

Magherafelt Parish Finance Committee

Parish Finance Committee (Diocesan Regulations)

Subject to the limits set by the Archbishop, the Parish Priest is responsible for all the temporal goods of the Parish. The Parish Finance Committee is an advisory body to help the Parish Priest in the sound administration of the temporal goods of the Parish. The Committee assists the Parish Priest by clarifying the issues and making recommendations, so that he is fully aware of all aspects of parish finances when making any particular decision. The Parish Finance Committee is not directly involved in the day to day management of parish finance.


The Parish Finance Committee assists the Parish Priest by advising:

  • on the acquisition, protection and sale of property and investments, without prejudice to the provisions of current diocesan guidelines;
  • on the preparation and updating of adequate records of parish finances;
  • on the compilation of an up-to-date and comprehensive inventory of all parochial property and equipment;
  • on the preparation and monitoring of estimates of parish income and expenditure;
  • on the preparation of the annual statement of accounts for presentation to the parish and the Archbishop;
  • on the administration of the Gift Aid scheme;
  • on the maintenance, repair and upkeep of parish property;
  • on setting the target policy and general approach to fundraising;
  • on safeguarding the ownership of ecclesiastical goods and properties in accordance with civil law;
  • on the adequate security and insurance of all parish property and goods.


The Finance Committee normally meets four times a year.

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